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Air conditioning parts in our cars get dirty!

Effective air conditoning systems rely on many factors all being happy.

When the air con parts are dirty or the refrigerant gas and oil levels are incorrect, the air temperature that we feel in the cabin can be warmer than we like. During the summer heat this can feel especially uncomfortable, thus the most efficient remedy is regular air con servicing and maintenance at your trusted local car service workshop.

This picture is an evaporator, which fits into your car's dashboard. During normal air con operation, leaf matter and dirt particles can become trapped from the air that is fan forced over the cooling fins. When trapped, the evaporator cannot work as well and the poorer quality of air in cabin of our car is prominently noticeable.

Once this evaporator was replaced by Temby Auto Service mechanics, and the air conditioning system re-oiled and re-gassed, the air conditioning worked perfectly.

Welcome to Tembyland, we are a licenced air conditioning service centre (AU06087). We are always keen to give you advice on air conditioning.

Keep cool this summer with a healthy air conditioning system by getting a car air conditioning system service from Temby Auto Service.

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