The next generation of braking is here


Book in for brake service in Eltham VIC with next generation Repco RCT pads and a Nationwide Warranty for immediately superior braking performance.

Temby Auto Service are aware that safety is all important so needless to say we are eager to tell you that Repco’s next generation of brake pads - Repco RCT - are readily available from our Eltham car service workshop.


Ready to go with a stop ready stripe and being the first brake pad in Australia to take advantage of the unique Radial Chamfer Technology, Repco RCT brake pads deliver first-rate braking performance.

The stop ready stripe makes sure bedding in is no longer a problem while the inclusion of advanced ceramic formulation & NBR silent Guard shim allow for a quiet, stable & dust free driving experience.

You will find a Repco RCT brake pad for just about any model or make regularly seen in use on the roads in Australia, so call us at Temby Auto Service soon with regard to fitting new generation Repco RCT brake pads on your car.


Did you want to discover more about our professional brake services - See our brake service page.

If you require a service simply book online and we’ll double check your braking system as part of our 65 point vehicle inspection.

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