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We provide Motorcycle Service, Maintenance and Customisations.

Maintaining your Motorbike is critical for safety and to ensure you can fully enjoy the time you spend out on the open roads.

Maintaining a classic or vintage Motorbike can be especially tricky because often a classic bike has lived way past any service schedule which may have existed, this is where it’s important to have a technician that understands older engines and where they are in their maintenance lifecycle.

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Owners Andrew and Michelle share your enthusiasm for Motorcycles. They are both avid riders and collectors of all kinds of motorbikes, so they understand the importance of looking after your two wheeled love and they bring the perfect blend of passion and experience to your motorcycle's service and repair.

Andrew is a VicRoads Accredited tester of Motorcycles as well as Light vehicles, Heavy vehicles and LGP vehicles. 

Please call us at Temby Auto Service today to ask about our expertise in:

  • Sport Bike Service and repairs
  • Touring Motorcycle service and repair
  • Off-road motorbike service and repairs
  • Classic Motorbike Service and repairs
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