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Trust your motor to a mechanic who builds and flys his own airplanes

Andrew Temby building a new aircraft Australian and Victorian Aerobatic Champion Andrew Temby flying aerobatics

When not servicing cars, Andrew Temby can be found high in the air flying airplanes.

An avid motor enthusiast  for as long as he can remember,  Andrew is constructing and maintaining his own aircraft, most notably the Aerostar Yak-52TW. "They have a real war-bird feel to them," says Andrew noting that the roar of the plane's supercharged nine-cylinder engine is a spectacle in itself. "It has plenty of power; more than you need to use," Andrew compliments his aircraft originally built in 2004 by Aerostar in Romania, then registered in USA and exported to Australia on 2007.

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See Andrew Temby fly aerobatics at Coldstream Airport 50th Anniversary festival

One of few low level Australian airshow pilots, a Australian and Victorian Aerobatic Champion for several years, Andrew can be seen performing aerobatics at various shows, events and festivals. Andrew has flown formation Air shows in many aircraft with many teams. See Andrew flying at Coldstream Airport 50th anniversary.

As a licensed pilot at Lilydale Flying School, Andrew Temby gives excellent seminars on aerobatic flying, focusing on aircraft performance and human physiological and pscyhological factors. Andrew has also test flown many aircraft.

1957 Auster Aircraft restored by Andrew Temby and flown extensively by Andrew and Michelle for 10 years YAK3 aircraft of Temby Auto Service
1957 Auster Aircraft (left), restored by Andrew, and flown extensively by Andrew and Michelle Temby for 10 years and the westernised tailwheel Yak-52TW (right).

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Want to know how it feels inside the cockpit? Grant McHerron got flying aerobatics with Andrew Temby in his Yak-52TW at Coldstream airport (YCEM) as a very special birthday present. Grant had interviewed Andrew for Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, which is also sponsored by Temby Automotive.

Grant also arranged the aerobatic flight for his son Nykolai, which was his first flight in a “real” aircraft (tail dragger, radial, inline seating and all) with Andrew showing some good introductory aerobatics, inverted flight, pulling +4G / -1.5G and training him to maneuover the aircraft himself.

AndrewTemby with his YAK YAK4 aircraft of Temby Auto Service

A pilot himself, Grant was treated to a few chandelles, loops, barrel rolls & aileron rolls, then got into a few more manouvers including cuban-8's, an immelman, an avalanche and some other elements of aerobatics, ultimately doing a few series, linking multiple manouvers together in a routine: "After this lot of aeros I’d pulled +6G / -1.5G and we’d had a blast. Andrew suggested we go and do some “fun stuff” so we flew flat out and low level up an empty valley then headed over to the lake near Maroondah for another high speed run up the lake but at higher level this time, venting some smoke as we went. Woo hoo! An hour and 20 minutes in air with Andrew Temby felt like no time at all. We’d done the best aerobatics I’ve ever had in my life and I’d had a go at flying the fastest & most responsive aircraft I’ve yet had a chance to control. Andrew's YAK doesn’t require much stick movement to get it where you want it - it's definitely an aircraft where you *think* what you want to do and before you know it, it’s doing it," writes Grant, thanking his wife Kitt for the best birthday present ever.

Grant writes more on his Fly Me Friendly website and has a collection of photos from his birthday flying and the show.

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YAK5 aircraft of Temby Auto Service

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